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When to Use Wellness Applications

Wellness Applications should be used when you want to maintain or boost your general wellbeing.

FlexBEAM is your personal health optimizing device.

Our suggested Wellness Applications are designed to help you reach and maintain the optimal performance level for your body by enhancing energy, improving circulation, and keeping your body in balance.

Our recommendations help you to decide where to place the device to support energy levels, help to combat stress, help to improve sleep, assist with breathing improvement, and maintain best physical performance.

Regular daily use of the device will have a cumulative effect and generally promote and protect your health.

Use FlexBEAM for Energy Boost

Use FlexBEAM for Better Sleep

Use FlexBEAM to Improve Your Breathing

Use FlexBEAM to Boost Immunity

Keep in mind that you should consider taking a break every three weeks. This means that you should be using FlexBEAM for three weeks and then stop for a couple of days (up to 7) days.

If you have an issue in a specific part of the body, the combined benefits of the FlexBEAM may also support the body and help speed up the healing process.

For those issues, check the Specific Applications.

Once you are ready to use your FlexBEAM, check out How to Use Your FlexBEAM for instructions.

Disclaimer: FlexBEAM is currently sold as a general wellness device only. The information on this website provides general guidance about the FlexBEAM and how to operate it. Recharge makes no declaration about the safety or effectiveness of FlexBEAM, and does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use of the FlexBEAM is not a substitute for a consultation with your healthcare provider. Information given should not be construed as medical advice.

Updated on June 3, 2020

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