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How FlexBEAM Works Using Red Light Therapy Principles

The FlexBEAM delivers high-power therapy in a compact and ergonomic shape for use anytime, anywhere.

Wavelength2 infrared and 1 red LED in each light pod. 6 x 810-850nm, 3 x 625-635nm.
Max. Optical Power Density127mW/cm2 IR, 60mW/cm2 red.
Treatment Programs3 presets with automatic shutdown at the end of each 10 minute program.
Penetration depth0-2.5cm red LEDs, 0-10cm NIR LEDs.
Active CoolingBuilt-in fan system to regulate temperature from high-power bulbs.
BatteryRechargeable Lithium-ion battery, lasts 6-8 sessions on a single charge.
FlexBEAM Technical Specifications

Designed for the Human Body

The FlexBEAM is ergonomically designed to enable more effective and targeted therapy.

The unique design of the FlexBeam allows light to penetrate deep into difficult-to-reach areas of the body – such as the knee and shoulder joint – which is impossible with flat light panels.

Because the FlexBEAM is designed to be worn on the skin, each session yields a consistent dose and is not dependent on distance from the light source.

This means less power is needed to deliver energy directly to the affected site.

In turn, this reduces treatment time, making it possible to deliver a targeted therapeutic dose in 10 minutes for a single placement.

Inspired by Nature

The FlexBEAM delivers biocompatible dosing for an optimal natural stimulation of red light energy.


n nature, most signalling is rhythmical and cyclical. The wave pattern is everywhere, from sunset to sunrise to brain patterns to how we experience pain – it comes and goes like waves in the sea. In the FlexBEAM, frequency and power output increase in a steady wave-like fashion and ramp down at the end of the cycle.


The body pulses naturally. Heart rate variability (HRV) is a pulsating indication of our health condition, muscles are controlled with electrical impulses. The Earth itself pulses at around 7.8Hz. The FlexBEAM operates on specific pulsed frequencies to harmonize with nature.

Synergistic Wavelengths

The FlexBEAM uses both red light at 625-635nm and near-infrared between 810-850nm in a combined composition that sweeps through frequencies for optimal effect.

This combination of Red and Near-infrared wavelengths, along with the high power output tuned to natural frequencies, sets the unique technology inside the FlexBEAM apart from any other red light therapy device.

Ingeniously designed for an optimal physiological response, the result is a powerful healing experience that feels as good for your body as a glorious sunrise and a glowing sunset.

Learn How to Use Your FlexBEAM and discover what it can help you with.

Updated on May 21, 2020

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