How to Use FlexBEAM for Menstrual Cramps

If you haven’t already, read When to use Specific Applications and
How to Use Your FlexBEAM before proceeding.

FlexBEAM may provide comfort and support if you are experiencing menstrual cramps.

Here’s how.

Place the FlexBEAM over the lowest part of your abdomen. Use INFRA (3) for 10 minutes.

Place the FlexBEAM over the lowest part of your back. Use INFRA (3) for 10 minutes.

Use your FlexBEAM when experiencing menstrual cramps and stop when the period is over.

Go through our guide on How to Use Your FlexBEAM for more details about how to turn it on and use it properly.

For any other questions about FlexBEAM, contact us whenever you like.

If you don’t get a result with these suggested applications, please repeat the same applications, doubling the exposure time.
Updated on July 27, 2020

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