How to Use FlexBEAM to Boost Your Energy

If you haven’t already, read When to use Wellness Applications and
How to Use Your FlexBEAM before proceeding.

To boost your energy levels and keep them up, you should use your FlexBEAM once a day for 20 minutes.

There are two types of sessions you should use alternatively for maximum results. For easier understanding, let’s call them Session A and Session B.

This is how you should alternate your sessions.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4..and so on..
Session ASession BSession ASession B..and so on..
Alternating Sessions for Energy Boost

Now, let’s see what these sessions are:

Energy Boost Session A

For this session, you should use FlexBEAM on two areas of your body, for 10 minutes on each area.

Place FlexBEAM on your mid-back, over your adrenal glands, for around 10 minutes and use the program INFRA (3).

When the 10 minutes are up, place your FlexBEAM across your lower back using the same INFRA (3) program for another 10 minutes.

Energy Boost Session B

For this session, you will also use FlexBEAM two times, using the DUAL (2) program for 10 minutes each time.

For the first 10 minutes, the FlexBEAM should be placed on your abdomen, vertically, over your navel. Use DUAL (2).

For the second 10 minutes, you should place FlexBEAM horizontally over your navel. Use DUAL (2).

Consider taking a week-long therapy break from your sessions every three weeks.

If you have issues with using your FlexBEAM, check our instructions.

If the issue persists, contact us directly. We’ll gladly help!

If you don’t get a result with these suggested applications, please repeat the same applications, doubling the exposure time.

Disclaimer: FlexBEAM is currently sold as a general wellness device only. The information on this website provides general guidance about the FlexBEAM and how to operate it. Recharge makes no declaration about the safety or effectiveness of FlexBEAM, and does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use of the FlexBEAM is not a substitute for a consultation with your healthcare provider. Information given should not be construed as medical advice.

Updated on July 27, 2020

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